Full House For Climax

Full House For Climax
The Leaside Pub, 190 Laird Drive

Opposite The Aerodrome Since 1918

Opposite The Aerodrome Since 1918
Fine Photos Thanks To Bill Symmons

Dating Back To 1918

Dating Back To 1918
A Lot Of History At The Leaside Pub

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


DATE (S)                            LOCATION/TIME

Sunday 18                       Sticky Fingers, Barrie 2-5pm
Saturday 24                      The Leaside Pub 4-7pm
Saturday 31                      The Leaside Pub 4-7pm
Saturday 28                      The Leaside Pub 4-7pm
Saturday 26                      The Leaside Pub 4-7pm
Saturday 30                      The Leaside Pub 4-7pm
Tuesday 14                       Wasaga Beach, Jazz In The Park 7-9pm
Fri-Sun 7-9                      Lake Wawasee Resort, Indiana 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Fantastic Fresno Mardi Gras 
Climax at California's Finest Festival
Climax Jazz Band are just back from another sensational Fresno, California Mardi Gras Festival. We've been taking part in Fresno's Dixieland Society's celebration since 1984 and each year the festival seems to get better and better. It's always a lot of fun, with parasol parades, masquerade parades, installation of the King and Queen of the Mardi Gras and of course the best bands playing traditional jazz, Cajun, blues and country music. Look them up on the net and you'll see what we mean. We're looking forward to another trip in 2019 to Fresno -- raisin and almond capital of the world, gateway to Sequoia country and the finest festival anywhere. We had Toby Hughes sax, John Grafing trumpet, Tom Richards trombone, Jack Vincken banjo, Jamie Aug drums and Chris Daniels bass. Outstanding! as they say in California. We gave out Canadian flags, Canadian candy bars and Canadian good vibes all over the place. Happy days.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

California Here We Come Feb. 2019
Bons Temps At Fresno's Mardi Gras
Come and join us at the glorious Sounds of Mardi Gras, February 9-12, 2019. The Fresno Dixieland Society certainly knows how to throw a wild party. Climax have performed at the festival since it began in 1984 and it's our favorite for good times and good music.
The luxurious DoubleTree By Hilton is right downtown, with all five venues in the hotel and adjacent Conference Center. The Doubletree is sold out but the La Quinta nearby has rooms with breakfast for reasonable prices.
  It's an unabashed traditional jazz festival, with fine bands including Climax, High Sierra, Grand Dominion, Blue Street, Bob Schulz's Frisco Jazz Band, Devil Mountain, Cell Block Seven and Tom Rigney's Flambeau Cajun Band, as well as other local bands and youth bands.
   They celebrate the Mardi Gras with Parasol and Masquerade/Costume Parades, a Swing Dance, Crowning of the Mardi Gras King and Queen, a Gospel Set and Wind Down Dinner And Dance. 
   We do hope you can join in the happy times in Fresno, the country of Redwoods, raisins and almonds and great music. For more information: www.fresnodixie.com

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Take A Trip Down The Tube
250+ Climax Videos From All Over
Relive with us cruises and tours to exotic places, festivals, concerts, television shows with jazz greats -- we've got the lot. Climax has over 250 videos on You Tube, many of them posted by Bob Erwig from his vast collection of blasts from his 25 years as cornet player with the band. From Japan to California, Florida to Arizona, The Peter Appleyard series from Albert's Hall at Ye Olde Brunswick House, Panama to Alaska and the Caribbean. Take a peek! Just Google Climax Jazz Band and stock on beer and snacks. Also, there's a huge library of photos old and new to be seen on U Tube to keep you busy. Just don't get lost down Memory Lane!

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Climax Jazz Band
47 Years Old -- Still Going Strong
Climax was formed in February 1971, answered a Toronto Star ad: 'Wanted, Fun Pub Band, phone Albert' and were the house band at Albert's Hall, Ye Olde Brunswick House, six nights a week from May 1971 until September 1974. We opened DJ's Tavern in the new Ontario Hydro building in 1975 and played six nights a week, reducing to three nights until the late 1980s. Special guests joined us at DJ's, including The Dutch Swing College Band, The World's Greatest Jazz Band, George Melly, Jimmy McPartland, Herb Hall, Kenny Davern and other well-known jazz stars.
Climax also performed every Saturday afternoon 3-6pm at Malloney's Studio from 1973 until 1983 moving to The Chick'N'Deli Saturdays 4-7pm until 2015 and continuing usually the last Saturday of each month at The Leaside Pub Saturdays 4-7pm into 2018.
Climax operated annual charter flights to the New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Fair in the seventies and eighties and has appeared at numerous festivals across the United States and Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, England, Scotland and Japan.
We opened for Benny Goodman at Massey Hall in 1973, at fund raisers for the Canadian Opera Company, the National Ballet Company, election campaign events for Pierre Trudeau, Bill Davies -- all the political parties except Social Credit and Reform. We performed for inmates at The Don Jail a couple of times, and at events for corporations and charitable organizations.
We've performed on numerous jazz cruises to the Caribbean, up the Amazon, to Hawaii, Mexico and through the Panama Canal.
Climax has recorded over 40 LPs, cassettes, CDs and videos and received awards. You can hear and see Climax on over two hundred videos on UTube. The band was featured on many of The Peter Appleyard Presents T.V. shows, with star guests Herb Hall, Turk Murphy, Kenny Davern, Carol Leigh, Joe 'Cornbread' Thomas and many more.  

'She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain'
Climax's U.K. Video has 18,000 Views
Recorded at the top of Snake Pass in the Pennines (the backbone of England) which separates Yorkshire from Cheshire, the video has had over 18,000 views. Climax were on their way to Chris Daniels' home town Poynton in Cheshire, part of their 2007 Northern England and Scotland tour. The view was too good to miss, so we jumped out of the van and played as the strong wind blew in from Cheshire. As you can tell, the lads were enjoying themselves: Jamie Macpherson, Brian Towers, Dave Kosmyna, Jim Buchmann and Chris Daniels. Happy times.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Heads Up! Chocks Away!
Canada's First Airmail Delivery
We're planning a special celebration Saturday June 30 to commemorate Canada's first airmail delivery at the Leaside aerodrome (now occupied by the shopping plaza) June 24, 1918. There's quite a story behind this flight from Montreal to Toronto, to be revealed in due course... The plane carrying the mail was the Curtis JN4 C (nicknamed Jenny), built in Canada, used to train allied pilots for WW1 and as a barn burner for joy rides after the war. Not only was there mail aboard, but some illicit cargo, a story revealed years later......

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Leaside Pub
A Lot Of History
The building dates back to the early1900s at the edge of the Leaside Aerodrome, where First World War RAF pilots were trained on the Canadian-built version of the Curtis Jenny (JEN4). After the war many of these two-seater planes became barn-burners providing joy rides at shows and fairs across North America.
Canada's first air mail was flown from Montreal to Leaside Aerodrome by an RAF Jenny on June 24, 2018. The flight took six hours because of two refuelling stops and a heavy load -- not just of the mail, but cases of Old Mull Scotch concealed in the hold (a well-kept secret for many years). The pilots had promised to bring back something for a wedding -- Toronto was dry but Montreal was wet.
The Leaside pub was a Canadian Bank of Commerce branch in the 1920s -- the Vault is still there, with its gold doors, installed in 1922 at the west end, behind the band.