Full House For Climax

Full House For Climax
The Leaside Pub, 190 Laird Drive

Opposite The Aerodrome Since 1918

Opposite The Aerodrome Since 1918
Fine Photos Thanks To Bill Symmons

Dating Back To 1918

Dating Back To 1918
A Lot Of History At The Leaside Pub

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Climax Quartet At Drums'N'Flats 
Sunday June 4, 4.30-7.30pm 
Climax played for our friends Terry and Caroline Devine's 50th wedding anniversary Sunday May 21 at Drums'N'Flats 1980 Avenue Road. It was a swell party organized by their sons Kevin and Michael (who also performed with his own fine country band). Everyone had great time, with snacks galore and an open bar.
Owner Dan enjoyed the music so much he asked us back again. We'll be there Sunday June 4, 4.30pm-7.30pm. A cosy atmosphere, large patios, cheerful staff. Known for its chicken (drumsticks and wings -- flats) and delicious desserts. Joe van Rossem, Jack Vincken, Chris Daniels and clarinet tbc look forward to bringing the music up the Avenue. Do join us.

Queen Victoria's Secret Birthday
A Right Royal Leaside Celebration
A jolly crowd convened at the Leaside Pub to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday Saturday May 21. A large contingent from The U.K. Connexion joined the other regulars singing a rousing 'My Old Man Said Follow The Band' and 'I'ts The Wrong Way To Tickle Mary'. Queen Vickie would have loved it -- she enjoyed a rowdy party.
Special guests from Toledo -- Professor Dave Kosmyna cornet and Ray Heitger clarinet treated the enthusiastic crowd to some good old American pizzazz, joining our own 'MooseJaw' Tom Richards, trombone, Mike 'Doc' Walmsley banjo, 'Long' Jon Foster drums and 'Captain' Chris Daniels bass. The band ran through some of the tunes we'll be performing at The Elkhart Jazz Festival, Indiana June 23-25, featuring the dulcet voice of the Professor, Ray's Cakewalkin' Babies and Chris' rollicking renditions.

Future Climax Leaside Pub Dates
We'll be back again at The Leaside Pub Saturday June 17, Saturday July 1 for Canada's 150 birthday, Saturday July 29, Saturday August 26 and Saturday September 30. Mark down the dates in your calendar. We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces again.

Climax At Sticky Fingers Barrie
Sunday June 18, 2-5pm
Join us at Sticky Fingers for a fine afternoon with our friends in Barrie. It's a great club with swift service, good eats and drinks, comfortable seating and lots of room for dancing. Always a friendly atmosphere and well worth the trip.

Climax In The Port Union Library Garden
Sunday July 16, 6pm-9pm 
Always an enjoyable evening on the lawns of the Port Union Public Library, with people sitting on the grassy banks under the trees as well as regular seats. Balmy weather, traditional jazz, refreshments provided by the local ladies. The concerts are free, supported by local businesses. Hope you can come along.

SEVEN44 Closed Down
Former Chick'n'Deli Insolvent

Not unexpected, but finally the bailiffs have closed SEVEN44 (previously People's Chicken, before that the Chick'n'Deli). Pro Bailiff of Thornhill posted a notice on the door dated April 30 which states the tenants had not paid the rent. This after SEVEN44 had closed down for 10 days 'for repairs'. Climax Jazz Band helped re-launch The Chick'n'Deli in February 1983 after a fire closed it for several months. We played some full weekly engagements (breaking the bar sales record) as well as every Saturday afternoon. Our Saturday matinées continued after Jack Brewer died and again after Kathleen Brewer relinquished the building. When it re-opened as People's Chicken and then SEVEN44 we stayed on until 2015 when we moved to the Bow and Arrow, Scruffy Murphy's, then to alleycatz and eventually to The Leaside Pub once or twice a month. We'll be at The Leaside Saturday May 20 4-7pm. Maybe someone will reopen SEVEN44 as a jazz club -- fond hope. Meanwhile let's all support the other jazz venues. 
We have great memories of our time at The Chick'n'Deli thanks to the friends we made and the support of Jack and Kathleen Brewer. It was the spot to go in Toronto for fine jazz, fantastic wings, good service and always a happy atmosphere. Everyone knew where and what it was.  Well almost.. When visitors who had heard Climax at festivals arrived from the U.S. to visit their daughter who was studying here they couldn'remember the name of the place. But they did remember we'd mentioned it was dead opposite the Newbigging Funeral Home (now also gone). So they phoned Newbigging and asked the receptionist if there was a place across the street that had Climax on Saturday afternoons. She put the phone down, ran across Mt. Pleasant and back to tell them yep. They had a ball that afternoon -- everyone as usual greeted our guests from far away with courtesy and warmth.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Climax Recordings



Since Climax was formed in 1971 we've made over 30 recordings -- LPs, tapes, CDs and DVDs -- rarely repeating tunes. 19 are available for purchase, including a DVD, Canadian Collectors' Congress award winners all the girls go crazy and Toronto To New Orleans and several reissues on CD of LPs and tapes recorded in earlier years:

DVD 035  Live In Arizona ('08)DVD 035  Live In Arizona ('08) (SOLD OUT)
Recorded November 8, 2008 at Arizona Classic Jazz Festival with 7 cameras
Bluebells Goodbye, Girl Of My Dreams, Dreaming The Hours Away, Corrine Corrina, Climax Rag, Si Tu Vois Ma Mere, Black Cat On The Fence, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Wabash, Weary Blues
Jim Buchmann clarinet/saxello, Dave Kosmyna cornet/vocal, Len Gosling trombone/vocal, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Hal Smith drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocal
CD 030  Gospel Train ('06) -- Old favorites and some surprises 
Gospel Train, Closer Walk, What A Friend We Have, Lily Of The Valley, We Sure Do Need Him Now, Just A Little While To Stay, Precious Lord, Higher Ground, Old Rugged Cross, Bye And Bye Lord, Walking With The King, Streets Of The City, Down By The Riverside
Jim Buchmann clarinet/saxello/alto, Dave Kosmyna cornet/piano, Len Gosling trombone.vocs, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Hal Smith drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocals
CD 029  Don't Give Up The Ship ('06) -- Remarkable for its clarity and warmth
Don't Give Up The Ship, Shout 'Em Aunt Tillie, Georgia Grind, African Queen, Summerset, I Used To Love You, Trog's Blues, Liza Jane, Clementine From N. O., Old Fashioned Swing, Harlem Bound
Jim Buchmann clarinet/saxello/alto sax. Dave Kosmyna cornet/piano/vocals, Len Gosling trombone/voc, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocs
CD 028  the best of mick lewis ('05) -- Celebrates Mick's 22 years with Climax
East Coast Trot, Blue Autumn, St. Philip St., Perdido St. Blues, Fish Seller, Mood Indigo, Old Rugged Cross, Petite Fleur, dans les rues d'Antibes, Burgundy St. Blues, Oh Baby, Stranger On The Shore, Wild Cat Blues, Margie, Over The Waves, South Rampart St.
Mick Lewis clarinet/soprano sax, Len Gosling trombone, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo/plectrum guitar, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass, Mick Collins cornet, Bob Erwig cornet, Spiegle Willcox trombone, Kenny Davern clarinet
CD 027  all the girls go crazy ('04) -- Best trad/classic jazz CD award winner 2003
Red Wing, Georgia Camp Meeting, Going Home, Chattanooga Stomp, Creole Love Call, Willie The Weeper, Petite Fleur, Forty And Tight, Mandy Make Up Your Mind, Iko Iko, Magnolia's Wedding Day, Louisian-i-a, New Blues, Tell 'Em About Me, High Society, All The Girls Go Crazy
Jim Buchmann clarinet/saxello, Dave Kosmyna trumpet, Len Gosling trombone/vocals, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocals
CD 026  direct to disk ('78) -- Limited Edition, 15,000 sold worldwide
Sobbin' Blues, Sweet Like This, Bobby Shafto, Le Vendeur de Poisson, Stevedore Stomp, Chimes Blues, Snake Rag, Salutation March
Jim Buchmann clarinet/saxello, Bob Erwig cornet, Geoff Holmes trombone, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Steve Tattersall drums, Chris Daniels double bass
CD 025  Toronto To New Orleans ('01) --Best trad/classic jazz CD award winner 2001
Papa Dip, I'll Be A Friend, Buona Sera, Stranger On The Shore, If You Can't Be Good, Treasure Island, Sporting Life Blues, East Coast Trot, Papa De Da Da, Crazy 'Bout My Baby, Bluebells Goodbye, Samantha, Algiers Strut, Sweet Like This, South Rampart St.
Mick Lewis clarinet/soprano sax, Mick Collins cornet/vocals, Len Gosling trombone/vocal, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocal
CD 024  The Early Years ('73-'75) -- Ken Colyer plays on the last four tracks
Tight Like That, Whistling Rufus, St. James Infirmary, Davenport Blues, Down Home Rag, Ice Cream, Dauphine St. Blues, 1919 March, Swipesey Cakewalk, Perdido St. Blues, Chrysanthemum Rag, Baby Won't You Please Come Home, The Curse Of An Aching Heart, See See Rider, I Can't Escape From You
Ken Colyer trumpet/vocals, Bob Erwig cornet, Bruce Bakewell clarinet, Geoff Holmes trombone/vocal, Juergen Hesse plectrum banjo, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Craig Barrett drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocals
CD 023  Travelling On ('99) -- International favorites for Germany tour
Nybøders Pris, Melancholy, Travelling On, Once In A While, Wildcat Blues, Schlafe Mein Prinschen, Willow Tree, Maple Leaf Rag, Moose March, Marie, In A Persian Market, La Harpe St. Blues, Potato Head Blues, Shine
Mick Lewis clarinet/sop. sax, Mick Collins cornet/vocal, Len Gosling trombone/vocals, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocal
CD 022  Spreading Joy ('98) Great for dancing and listening
Spreading Joy, Flow Gently Sweet Afton, Over The Waves, Higher Ground, Stomp Stomp Stomp, Dark Eyes, Old Comnrades, Sweethearts On Parade, Backwater Blues, The Martinique, The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise, Saturday Night Function, Honky Tonky Town, Sweet As Bear Meat
Mick Lewis clarinet/soprano sax, Roy Green cornet, Len Gosling trombone/vocal, Jack Vincken banjo, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocal
CD 021  Konnichiwa! II ('96) Audience of 12,000 on a Japanese mountain
Weary Blues, Baby Won't You Please Come Home, Basin St. Blues, Panama, Blue Autumn, Down By The Riverside, Just A Closer Walk, Maple Leaf Rag, Yes Sir! That's My Baby, Chimes Blues, Some Of These Days, Precious Lord, After You've Gone, The Saints
Ruby Wilson vocals, Jacques Maassen carillon, Pieter Meijers clarinet/soprano sax, Randy Morris piano/trumpet/banjo, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocal
CD 020  Konnichiwa! Japan ('95) Electric atmosphere with Ruby in Japan
Papa Dip, dans les rues d'Antibes, C. C. Rider, Cakewalkin' Babies, Walk Through The Valley, Dinah, Beale St.. Amazing Grace, Summertime, When I Grow Too Old, Gatemouth, Just A Closer Walk, Dr. Jazz, When The Saints
Ruby Wilson vocals, Jacques Maassen carillon, Pieter Meijers clarinet/soprano sax, Bob Erwig cornet, Len Gosling trombone vocal, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocal
CD 018  Yes Sir! That's My Baby ('96) Great songs -- a very popular CD
Yes Sir! That's My Baby, dans les rues d'Antibes, Poor Man's Blues, Ostrich Walk, It's Just Too Bad, Blue Autumn, Too Busy, I Never Knew What A Gal Could Do, Lastic, Gospel Train, Majella Blues, Bogalusa Strut, Stevedore Stomp
Mick Lewis clarinet/soprano sax, Bob Erwig cornet, Len Gosling trombone/vocals, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocals
CD 017  Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder ('93) -- Nice variety of hot, swinging tunes
Salutation March, Perdido St. Blues, Pretty Boy, Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie, Old Rugged Cross, Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder, Original Charleston Strut, Delia's Gone, Fish Seller, Nobody's Got The Blues, Big Noise From Winetka, Going Home, Panama
Mick Lewis clarinet/soprano sax, Bob Erwig cornet, Len Gosling trombone/vocals, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocals
CD 014  By Request ('88) -- Big favorites of the fans
Hiawatha, Beale St. Blues, When You And I Were Young, Saratoga Swing, Just A Closer Walk, Burgundy St. Blues, Wang Wang Blues, Riverside Blues, Savoy Blues, Nobody Knows You, St. Philip St Breakdown, Snag It, Wolverine Blues
Mick Lewis clarinet/soprano sax, Bob Erwig cornet, Len Gosling trombone/vocal, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocals
CD 040  Talking Pictures ('81) -- Ian Arnott sings Talking Pictures and Nagasaki. 
Market Street Stomp, Tell 'Em About Me, Snag It, Go Ghana, Frog-I-More, If I Had A Talking Picture Of You, Schlafe Mein Prinschen, Nagasaki, Dreaming The Hours Away
Ian 'Goldenthroat' Arnott clarinet/vocals, 'Bouncing' Bob Erwig cornet, Len 'Boots" Gosling trombone/vocal,'Happy' Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, 'Squire' Max Littlejohns drums, 'Captain' Chris Daniels double bass/vocal
CD 039  Climax '79 ('79) -- Cohesion + swing + virtuosity = Climax 
Revival, Papa De Da Da, Petite Fleur, Merrydown Rag, Oh Didn't He Ramble, The Favorite (Bring On The Band), Precious Lord, Summerset, Sporting Life Blues, Bluebells Goodbye
Jim Buchmann clarinet/saxello, Bob Erwig cornet, Geoff Holmes trombone/vocal, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Max Littlejohns drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocals
CD 038  The Chant ('77) (SOLD OUT)
Produced by Hollywood's Bowman Company -- the company folded before LP issued
The Chant, Georgia Bo Bo, Lord Lord Lord, Big Noise From Winetka, Bienville Blues, Didn't He Ramble, Thriller Rag, Baby Brown, Washington And Lee Swing, Majella Blues, Snake Rag, A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird
'Gentleman' Jim Buchmann clarinet/saxello, 'Bouncing' Bob Erwig cornet, 'Lightnin' Geoff Holmes trombone/vocal, 'Happy' Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Stephen 'Taps' Tattersall drums, 'Captain' Chris Daniels double bass/vocals
CD 037  With Graeme Bell ('75)
Australian pianist/band leader with Climax at Malloney's, recorded by Ted O'Reilly
Swanee River, Memphis Blues, Malloney's Boogie, Black And Blue, Tishomingo Blues, I Want A Little Girl, Muskrat Ramble, Granville Street Blues, China Boy, Yellow Dog Blues
Graeme Bell piano, Buce Bakewell clarinet, Bob Erwig cornet, Geoff Holmes trombone, Mike Walmsley banjo/guitar, Al Mayers drums, Jack Vincken double bass
CD 036  The Entertainers ('74) 
Canadian Talent Library: Scott Joplin, George Lewis, Olivia Newton John, Ringo 
The Entertainer, Everybody Loves My Baby, Let Me Be There, Dauphine Street Blues, Bloor Street Breakdown (Bob Erwig's composition) 1919 March, You're Sixteen, Swipesey Cakewalk, Inspiration, East Coast Trot, Perdido Street Blues, Chrysanthemum Rag
Bruce Bakewell clarinet, Bob Erwig cornet, Geoff Holmes trombone, Juergen Hesse banjo, Craig Barrett drums, Chris Daniels double bass
CD 034  Live At Harbourfront ('77) (SOLD OUT)
Recorded Sunday March 27, 1977 with 850 enthusiastic jazz fans at Harbourfront, Toronto. An extraordinarily happy occasion
Red Wing, Ostrich Walk, Stranger On The Shore, Walk Through The Valley, dans les rues d'Antibes, Hiawatha, Arkansa Blues, Crazy 'Bout My Baby, Les Oignons, Auf Wiedersehen
Jim Buchmann clarinet/saxello/alto, Bob Erwig cornet, Geoff Holmes trombone/vocals, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Steve Tattersall drums, Chris Daniels double bass/vocals
CD 033  With Spiegle Willcox ('88) (SOLD OUT)
Spiegle's 85th birthday present to family and friends. Sweet trombone
When I Grow Too Old, Spiegle's Blues, I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl, Lonesome Road, When You're Smiling, Someday Sweetheart, Everybody Loves My Baby, Avalon, Petite Fleur, Way Down Yonder, Margie, After You've Gone, Indiana, I Want A Little Girl
Spiegle Willcox trombone/vocals, Mick Lewis clarinet/soprano sax, Len Gosling trombone, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Jamie Aug drums, Chris Daniels double bass
CD 032  With Kenny Davern ('85) (SOLD OUT)
A sunny Sunday April afternoon -- the late, great clarinetist in top form
Ole Miss Rag, Oh Baby!, Jeep's Blues, Bobby Shafto, Muskrat Ramble, Mood Indigo, I Want A Little Girl, Big house Blues, Get Out Of Here And Go On Home
Kenny Davern clarinet, Mick Lewis clarinet/soprano/alto sax, Bob Erwig cornet, Len Gosling trombone, Jack Vincken plectrum banjo, Pete McCormick drums, Chris Daniels double bass
CAS 005   With Ken Colyer
CAS 011   Chick'n'Deli
CAS 012   With Carol Leigh
CAS 018   Yes Sir!
CAS 020    Konnichiwa! Japan
CAS 021    Konnichiwa! II
CAS 022   Spreading Joy

Circle CDs, enter name, address 
and phone number and send a 
cheque to Climax Music Ltd. Box 
383 Stn. F Toronto Canada M4Y 2L8
DVD035 Live in Arizona (2008) (SOLD OUT) 
CD030   Gospel Train (2006)
CD029   Don't Give Up The Ship (2005)
CD028   the best of mick lewis (2005)
CD027   all the girls go crazy (2004)
CD026   direct to disk (1978)
CD025   Toronto To New Orleans (2001)
CD024   The Early Years ('73'75)
CD023   Travelling On (1999)
CD022   Spreading Joy 
CD021   Konnichiwa! ll (1996) 
CD020   Konnichiwa! Japan (1995) 
CD018   Yes Sir! (1996)
CD017   Rainbow (1993)
CD014   By Request (1988) (SOLD OUT)
CD040   Talking Pictures (1981)
CD039   Climax '79 (1979)
CD038   The Chant (1977) (SOLD OUT)
CD037   With Graeme Bell (1975)
CD036   The Entertainers (1974)
CD034   Live At Harbourfront (1977) (OUT OF STOCK)
CD033   With Spiegle Willcox (1988) (SOLD OUT)
CD032   With Kenny Davern (1985) (SOLD OUT)
CD024   The Early Years 1973-75
CASSETTES ($10 each)
CAS005   Climax With Ken Colyer
CAS011   At The Chick'N'Deli
CAS012   Climax With Carol Leigh          
CAS018   Yes Sir! That's My Baby          
CAS021   Konnichiwa! Japan (SOLD OUT)
CAS021   Konnichiwa II
CAS022   Spreading Joy

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Thursday, October 27, 2016


VANCOUVER, Oct. 25, 2016 /CNW/ - If you're looking for somewhere exciting to travel next year, look to Canada, Lonely Planet's number one destination for 2017. Each year, the leading travel media company ranks destinations based on the diversity and quality of travel experiences offered. Results are published in the annual Best in Travel series. The 2017 edition, featuring Canada, hits the shelves today.
"We are honoured to have been selected as Lonely Planet's Destination of the Year for 2017," said the Honourable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism. "Of course, this recognition doesn't mean our work is done; it should encourage us to keep this momentum building. Our tourism partners from coast to coast to coast are working hard to provide travellers with unique and unforgettable experiences. There is something for everyone here. The year 2017 is also our country's 150th anniversary, and we couldn't think of a better time to invite the world to discover Canada."
"This is exciting!" said David F. Goldstein, Destination Canada's President and CEO, "We can't think of a better time to invite the next generation of travellers to discover Canada."
"Canada is always popular with us," said Lonely Planet's Canada destination editor Alex Howard, "but there's so much happening in 2017 that made it number one. It's the country's biggest birthday party in recent memory with the sesquicentennial next year, and they won't be shy about celebrating. Now is the time to start planning a trip." 
As a premiere four season travel destination, there is no shortage of extraordinary experiences for travellers to Canada. Whether you looking to escape into pristine wilderness or explore our vibrant cities, rich in culture and great food, we have something for everyone.
Over 14 million international visitors chose to explore Canada between January and August 2016, including a record breaking 2.5 million overseas arrivals last summer.
We are ready to welcome the world to #ExploreCanada.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Toronto Rocks

Rocking Toronto 

'World's best city to live in' -- Economist Intelligence Unit Safe Cities Index 2015

'World's most Livable city' -- Metropolis Magazine 2015

Two more reasons to toot Toronto's horn. Safest: Toronto's crime rate is the lowest in North America. Livability: Toronto is the most livable city: amenities, housing, walkability, housing and preservation and the general pleasure of living here: 
Some more reasons
America's 4th Largest City: In 2012 Toronto's population of 2,791,140 edged passed Chicago to become the fourth largest city in North America after Mexico City, New York and Los Angeles.
Greater Toronto Area (GTA): Almost one in five Canadians (6,054,191) live in the GTA, which accounted for 72% of the province of Ontario's population growth from 2006 to 2011.
Multicultural, Safe City. Toronto is one of the world's most multicultural cities and is rated the safest large metropolitan area in North America by Places Rated Almanac. Over 140 languages and dialects are spoken and just over 30 per cent of Toronto residents speak a language other than English or French at home. Half of Toronto's residents were born outside Canada. The top five visible minority groups  are South Asian and Chinese (300,000+), Black (200,000+), Filipino (100,000+) and Latin American (70,000+). The top mother tongue languages are Chinese, Italian, Punjab, Tagalog/Filipino and Portuguese.
Downtown Growth: Population growth in Toronto's downtown core more than tripled between 2006 and 2011 (from 4.6% to 16.2%). Suburban population growth dropped from 18.6% to 13%. Nearly half of the downtown population is 20-39 years old, compared to 25.8 per cent across the GTA suburbs. The median age in the city core has dropped to the mid-thirties.
Public Transit. Over 1.8 million travel by public transit every weekday. 
Toronto is one of the best places to live in the world. As in 2012 Toronto ranked 4th on the Economist Intelligence Unit's '2013 Liveability Ranking' of 140 global cities. The ranking measures stability, healthcare, education, culture and environment, and security.
Toronto is one of the top 10 economically competitive cities around the globe. On the Economist list of cities likely to remain highly competitive to the year 2015, Toronto was #10 out of 120 in 2013.
On the Board of Trade Scorecard on Prosperity the Toronto region placed 4th out of 12 North American metros on the measure of human capital -- aspects of the population and labour force such as unemployment rates, gender income ratios, health and safety and education.
Toronto is one of the least expensive of North America's 30 big metropolises to do business.
The 91 high rises (over 10 floors) under construction in January 2014 in Toronto was second only to New York in the whole of North America.
Toronto Region hotels booked more than 9 million room-nights in 2012, the second year in a row.
The City of Toronto's Operating Budget for 2014 is $9.6 billion. More than two thirds of Toronto's  2014-2023 $18.6 billion  capital budget will be spent on transit and transportation.
Arts and Entertainment: Toronto boasts a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, with a multitude of easily accessible venues downtown. See overleaf for further details.

Toronto -- a terrific place to live, work and play. Come up and see us!

Places, Events, Eats, Jazz

Toronto's Lively Downtown

Interesting places: CN Tower, Aquarium, Skydome, Harbourfront, Casa Loma, University of Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Art Gallery, Ontario Science Centre, Children's Museum, Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto Zoo, Toronto Islands by ferry, Fort York, Toronto Eaton Centre, Yorkville, Queen Street, Kensington Market, St. Lawrence Market, The Distillery District, The Subway system. Nearby Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake and wineries, Algonquin Provincial Park, Rouge Valley, site of a new urban provincial park.
Events: Toronto International Film Festival, one of  the world's top five, Gay Festival and Parade, one of  the world's biggest, Caribana Festival, biggest in North America, Toronto Jazz Festival, Luminato Arts Festival, Caravan, plus numerous ethnic summer festivals including Greek, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Pakistani at the Waterfront, Nathan Phillips Square, North York and Mississauga.
Sports; Toronto Bluejays, American League East Champions and  Toronto Argonauts at the Skydome, Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Centre, Toronto Football Club (soccer) at BMO Field. Canada hosted the  World Women's Soccer Championship June 6-July 5 and Toronto hosted the The Pan Am Games July 10-26 and the Parapan Am Games August 7-15.
The Arts: Canadian Opera Company and the National Ballet of Canada at the Centre For The Performing Arts,, Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thomson Hall, pop concerts at Massey Hall and Air Canada Centre, Tafelmusik (ancient music), Opera Atelier (operas as originally performed), Canadian Stage Theatre (contemporary plays), Design Museum, numerous art galleries. Nearby the Niagara-on-the-Lake Shaw Theatre Festival and the Stratford (Shakespeare) Festival. 
Shows: Canadian National Exhibition and Air Show, Royal Agricultural Fair, Construct Canada, Auto Show, Motor Cycle Show, Boat Show, Cirque du Soleil. Musicals at The Princess of Wales (Lion King), Royal Alexandria Theatre and many other theatres, Buddies In Bad Times (contemporary theatre). 
Now You Has Jazz: Toronto has a flourishing jazz scene with lots of concerts and clubs to choose from and its own Jazz FM 91.1 radio station. The Rex Hotel has two jazz shows  every weekday, starting at 6.30pm, three on Friday and from noon four on Saturday and Sunday, featuring a variety of styles, from blues to traditional to big band to modern jazz. Grossman's Tavern has jazz and blues every night as well as matinées Saturday and Sunday. The Climax Jazz plays every Saturday 4-7pm at alleycatz, 2409 Yonge Street. Many other smaller clubs feature jazz, including the Swing Dance clubs which are springing up all over the city. 
Delectable Dining: With so many different nationalities making Toronto their home it's no surprise to find a huge variety of fine places, from the more sophisticated haute cuisine of the expensive restaurants to places where the locals go to eat -- British pubs, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, German, French, Spanish and many more.
Friendly, polite Toronto: The city is called 'Toronto the Good' and is known for its friendly people. Many of the new immigrants come from less tolerant societies and are delighted to be welcomed, to work and live in our multi-ethnic community. Visitors remark on the easy-going atmosphere in Toronto, where people mingle naturally and walking down any street you can hear a multitude of languages. It's not all perfect of course -- there's quite a lot of homelessness and poverty, but compared to most other places it's pretty good. Come and have a look and listen. 

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